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The Movie Recommender Team


Design   Peter Walker
Engineering   Kevin Boots
    Steven Fehir
Movie Experts   Paul Harris
    John Flaus
    Amree Hewitt
    Simon Wells
    Peter Walker
Artwork   Peter Walker
Management   Heather Walker
Legal   Julia Adams
    Shiff and Company

Developed with the assistance of

Film Victoria Australia


Movie cover-art, actor and director credits and synopsis data supplied by Trade Service of Australia. Copyright Trade Service of Australia 2011-2016 All Rights Reserved.


Photographic Image Credits...


'Cold', 'Forest', 'Jungle', 'Tropical', 'Exotic', 'Desert Western', 'Urban', 'Isolated', 'Rural', 'Small Town' and 'Marine', Licensed from Adobe Stock.

The Twelve Apostles. Red Ripe © Peter Walker

Space. Red Ripe © Mike Marquette & Peter Walker

Suburban Front Yard. Red Ripe © Peter Walker


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