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The Red Ripe movie recommender is the fast and fun way to discover movies and TV shows to match your taste and mood.

Using the movie recommender is like telling an expert movie buff exactly what you enjoy in a movie and then you being given a special set of movie gems - handpicked just for you!

With Red Ripe's movie recommender you simply design your ideal movie experience. The movie recommender will immediately return to you our expert's best matching movies to your preferences.

Currently, our database lists more than 3600 movies and TV shows. As our database grows, we will be able to deliver you even more movie results to match your taste and mood.

Using Red Ripe's movie recommender is fun.

There is no need for you to try to recall movie titles or actor names. There is no need to type keywords or look through long alphabetical lists of titles. As you interact with Red Ripe's movie recommender and vary your mix of movie preferences, the movie recommender serves you up fresh movie titles. Movie recommender will remind you of movies you had forgotten you wanted to see.

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